Web Design for Landscapers

Your website is your vital identity in the universal online marketplace. Land Pro Marketing ensures your powerful Internet presence with web design comprising imagination, functionality and technological savvy for strong impressions and total ease of use. Drive potential customers to your business online now! Our custom website design for your landscaping business will surely attract more clients.

How we do it

Client Collaboration

Land Pro Marketing team collaborate with each client to define the scope of the project and explore the client’s idea and goals. A project creative brief is then performed by the client to offer extra insight into the user experience design team. Planning user personas and sitemap generation are also part of the process.

Design the Custom Website

Land Pro Marketing propose initial custom graphic user interfaces (GUIs) developed by our skillful user experience team. Designers draw inspiration from the client’s logo, color palette, mission, vision, and comments from the creative brief, meetings and years of industry experience.

Web Development

Once the user interface has been confirmed, Land Pro Marketing begins developing the custom responsive website using our trusted web development tools. Content supplied by the client, or from our professional copywriter is then integrated into the website. Additional functionality and customizations are implemented at this time, including custom animations, menus, interactive photo galleries and more. A fully-functional demo is sent to the client for review at the end of this process.

Site Enhancements & Beta Testing

Land Pro Marketing continues to work closely with the client to make enhancements to the content layout and site structure. We also engage in extensive beta testing and editing throughout this phase to ensure all functionality is meeting high-level of performance.

Site Enhancements & Beta Testing

Client completes a final review and approves the website for public launch.

Landscapers’ Website – Organic SEO

Your landscaping website can be a great asset – as long as potential clients can find it. The key to being found by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is to make it as easy as possible for the search engines to identify and remember your site. This process is called search engine optimization, or SEO. Search engine optimization helps establish your visibility across major search engines and raises the number of visitors to your site who are searching for landscaping services like yours. A form of proactive marketing, optimizing your website helps you reach out to potential customers who may not have otherwise known about your services. Land Pro Marketing concentrates on organic search engine optimization, which means we concentrate our efforts on making your website appear in the “natural” list of results as opposed to sponsored links. Emphasis can be placed on local or national search engine optimization, making your site easily accessible to customers who live within your target market area.




How we do it

A properly executed and consistently managed online marketing strategy can be the key to your success. You learned that having a great looking website is only half the battle. Getting people to visit your website is a whole other challenge that requires a deep understanding of how the Internet and search engines work.

Using a combination of search engine optimization techniques and competitive analysis, Land Pro Marketing’s search engine optimization specialists define the most relevant keywords and phrases for your site. Our SEO specialists also check your site for the proper structure to make sure it is technically compliant with search engine standards. If needed, we will make changes before submitting a sitemap to Google. Once your landscaping website is optimized, we continue to monitor your site’s results and make changes as needed until the initial submission has been accepted. If you have selected an on-going search engine optimization maintenance package, we will continue to reevaluate keywords and phrases and update technology based on the latest trends and techniques.

Hire the Right Company for your Landscaping Website – Landscaper’s Wisest Move

As a professional landscaper, you leave your professional mark on each square foot of soil you touch. The splendor of your skill shapes the ground and fills the eye with form and appeal. The main challenge for you in a competitive market is how to make more people aware of your landscaping business, especially when so many new customers begin the search for your service on the web.

Hiring our team to build your landscaping website is a wise choice because we are experts in your industry. Hiring our pros is also the best option if you want your business to be found on search engines.

Choose the Right Web Design Service Company

There are many web design service companies that offer many types of web design services. Such companies will try to convince you that what they have is the best for you. Without even realizing the uniqueness of your website’s needs, you might select their best plans and yet you still don’t get more leads in your market.

LandPro Marketing is a web design company that is specialized solely to Landscaping websites. We understand the uniqueness of your market, and because of this, we can guarantee you only the best landscaper web design you can find in the market.

Do not waste your time explaining everything to other service providers — they would not even get your point. Reach only the one who understands you. Choose only LandPro Marketing.

There’s more to Web Design – The Content

Your landscaping website is not a picture gallery alone for your landscaping projects. It is a media that will help you communicate with your potential clients. Yes, beautiful pictures may draw their attention and then what’s your next move? You want to talk to them. You want to persuade them to hire you as their official landscaper. And that is where the importance of good contents comes.
The content of your website plays a very big role in getting the attention of your target audience. It will help your clients to visualize your works and convince them that you are the best landscaper that suits their needs. But you don’t have time to do that. Let your web design provider do the work for you! Here at LandPro Marketing, we will provide you not just a beautiful website but with a quality content that would get you more leads and increase market demands.

Your key to Success – Landscaping Website SEO

You got your beautiful Landscaping Website and the content sounds so good to your ears but still, you haven’t received calls from interested clients. It feels like everything is fine until you realize your phone does not ring yet. What are we missing then?

No matter how beautiful your website is, it will still not appear on top of the search result on search engines like Google. And why is that? Google, as the most prominent search engine today, uses a set of algorithms to produce search results. Website owners who wanted to be listed on top of search results are advised to hire professional SEO experts. Being on top of the search results would drive your business more leads. You will then began receiving calls and inquiries about your business.

LandPro Marketing is offering SEO services for landscapers. Our SEO technique is specially created for landscaping companies. Call us and we will give you more insight into the potential success of your landscaping business.

Keep your Website Good and Running

In the long run, your website may face some problems and you do not want that, of course. Observing website maintenance is a necessity that many website owners neglect to put in mind. Without proper maintenance, your website might fall into much bigger problems making you spend more to fix the issue. Because of this, we are offering website maintenance services to our dear landscapers. It is our privilege to give you utmost customer service.

Social Media Marketing

Online Marketing requires a multi-faceted approach these days. It cannot be all about search engine marketing. In fact, search engine marketing has become synonymous with social media marketing and vice versa. The advantage of social media marketing is that it doesn’t require as much of a technical background, just some marketing prowess and writing skills.
Below are some of the Social Media Marketing services we provide.
  • Set up of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts
  • Posting Content to all your Social Media Accounts
  • Set Up and posting articles to your Blog
  • Engaging people to Follow your Social Media Accounts
  • Linking all Social Media Links to your Website
  • Having a great website is only half the battle. In fact, you could have the best-looking website on the web, however, if it is not marketed properly, nobody will ever visit it. That is why Land Pro Marketing is on the job. Call us today to get your landscape website’s consultation.
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